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Support the rescue 

Working locally in Los Angeles, our mission is to place healthy, rehabilitated dogs in loving homes. We find these less fortunate animals, and address their behavioral problems with advanced training. The goal is to stop of the flow of unwanted animals into shelters that will euthanize these dogs. While the problem may seem overwhelming, we choose to face this problem head on. We care about the health and well being of these animals. Time is taken with animals requiring more training before going to a new home. We conduct ourselves in an honest, respectful, and ethical manner. The dogs are treated in a humane manner at all times. We promise to care compassionately, advocate actively and work to insure the best environment for the animals.

All of our dogs undergo a basic
obedience which includes sit,
stay, down, come, stand and
“to your place.” Giving rescue dogs the basic obedience training provides them and their new owners the tools to ensure that their final placement and adoption is indeed their forever home because rescue, rehabilitation and placement is the true pathway to giving each dog that comes into the rescue his or her second chance at a lasting, loving home they will spend the rest of their lives in.

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