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Rescue, Rehabilitation & Placement

Welcome to the K9 Ranch!

We appreciate you dropping by to check out our services and adoptable dogs!

Here at the K9 Ranch, we specialize in a different kind of dogs. Aggression and behavioral problems are the primary issue many of our dogs come to us with.

         Many dogs come to us with the "un-trainable" title, when all they require patience and time, they need someone to understand their worries and teach them how to overcome them. Here dogs gain their confidence, each adoptable dog is put through a customized training course with Oj Knighten.


Oj has a gift when it comes to dogs and has paired many complicated and misunderstood dogs with the PERFECT forever home!






USMRA Sportsman of the year 2013

Meet Oj

The brains of the operation and the man who started it all! Oj has been training dogs for over 40 years and rescuing them all his life. Your K9 Coach began his career as a young man in Texas. From hunting with Greyhounds to showing Great Dane and Dobermans in conformation, OJ was fascinated with training and motivating dogs. As his knowledge and experience grew, he progressed into training personal protection dogs. Now, OJ Knighten is a winning competitor in a variety of national dog sports. He decided that the next step was to start his own rescue, taking in dogs that have lost their way and their homes. Oj truly has a way with dogs, they feel safe with him and trust him. He gets to know who they truly are and this allows him to match his rescues with the perfect home! Oj specializes in dogs with behavioral problems and certain breeds like German shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit bulls and Malinois to name a few!

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At the K9 ranch, we provide volunteer opportunities for those interested. All of our rescues need to get out for walks and we encourage positive interactions with them and new people. Enjoy a beautiful sunny day and take in the scenery alongside our furry friends.



For more details or to sign up for volunteer hours please call:


Oj Knighten

Dog of the week


Meet Hamilton!​

Hamilton has been on the ranch for 2 years, his beauty was desired by many but the right home was always just out of reach. This week he finally found his forever home!

Adoption package
Every new adopter gets an Adoption package, this includes tools necessary for the best start with your new best friend!
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Special Adoption Day at Petco - Date/ time TBD
We are sorry, there are no scheduled adoptions at this time. Please check in for updates


Adoption clinic at K9 Ranch- Date/ time TBD

We re sorry, there are no scheduled clinics at this time. Please check in for updates

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